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Q: Do you have a free parking?

A: Yes, we do. Both indoor and outdoor parking lots are near by District Taco. 

Please follow this link for parking information


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Q: Do you have an outdoor seating?

A: No,We do not. However, there is outdoor seating at common areas near by where is less than 1 minute walking. You can order for take out and enjoy eating outside. We are welcome to prepare to go plastic utensils and paper plates for you. 


Q: Do you have a space for a large party group? 

Yes, we do. In our capacity is up to 30 people in the same area and up to 12-16 people can be seated together. 


Q: Do you have a curbside pickup service?

No, we do not. Customers are required to pickup their to go orders in the restaurant. 

Lunch Bags

Q: Are you open for dining?

A: Yes, we are. See more indoor photos >>>

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Q: Do you have a catering menu?

Yes, we do. Here is a catering menu >>>

Food Packaging

Q: Are pet allowed in the restaurant?

No, they are not allowed. Except service pets with service pet IDs. Any special case, please call for an information. 

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Q: Where the tips go?

All 100% tips go to service staffs.  

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